Engine Performance - Distance Learning

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Engine Performance - Distance Learning

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Course Objective

To judge the performance of an engine is one of the most important tasks of the operational and management level engineers.

The trainees will be able to maintain the engine in a safer way and make a more effective contribution to the operation of the machinery. They will learn to respond correctly, by means of observing and analysing the operating data and other given parameters, as well as the output and ambient condition which the engine is operating in.

Content of the Course


Ship Engineering Systems arrangement

Instrumentation & Controls

Engine power estimation

Performance evaluation of main engine parameters

Correction of performance parameters, specific fuel oil calculation Performance evaluation of auxiliary         systems parameters

Trouble shooting

Fuel & Lube Oil Management

Engine simulation exercises

Flexible Training Delivery 

The Engine Performance Course when delivered as a Distance Learning is consists of live e-Learning sessions, self-study materials, and the remote use of GigaMare’s state-of-the-art Engine Room Simulators.


The trainees (either Marine or Mechanical engineers), should have a good knowledge of diesel engine principles together with operational experience of diesel engine.

Target Group

Management and Operational Level Engineers


5 working days

Date & Time
October 4, 2021
Start - 9:00 AM
October 8, 2021
End - 4:00 PM Asia/Manila

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